Adrienne Sternlicht riding Fantast at the 2019 Ox Ridge Charity Horse Show.


CAVALL: An innovative mobile app that connects buyers and sellers of quality horses at horse shows. Gain access to top and boutique sale barns instantly.
Website: Cavall
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SALES PADDOCK: The revolutionary new way to market sale horses at horse shows. Sales Paddock makes buying and selling horses as mobile as you are.
Website: Sales Paddock
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EVENT CLINICS: Advance your riding today. Discover top equestrian clinics and shows nationwide.
Website: Event Clinics
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PEGASEBUZZ: Your daily dose of equestrian culture and horse fashion by Roxanne Legendre.
Website: Pegasebuzz
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MY RIGHT HORSE: Find your right horse the right way.
Website: My Right Horse
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BARN MANAGER: Made for Barn Managers, by Barn Managers - Access all records and information, anywhere, anytime.
Website: BarnManager
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CRIO ONLINE: Modern online equine & barn management software. Manage your entire equines business with CRIO Online.
Website: CRIO Online
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EQUESTFILE: A new perspective on Equine Data Management.
Website: EquestFile
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EQUINE GENIE: At home or on the go - Equine Genie is your business partner.
Website: Equine Genie
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HORSECO: Providing the best horse health products and technology on the market.
Website: Horseco
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HORSE LINC: Lincing horses to the services they need.
Website: HorseLinc
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HORSE NOTES: HorseNotes offers smartphone apps and online tools for horse owners and professionals.
Website: Horse Notes
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HORSE POWER: The equine app for performance athletes.
Website: Horse Power
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MYSTRIDE: Make it Rain Carrots
Website: Mystride
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: The business of horses - stay organized outside of the arena with this daily horse care app.
Website: PonyApp
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STABLE SECRETARY: Barn management made easy - anytime, anywhere.
Website: Stable Secretary
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THE EQUESTRIAN: Help People, Help Horses - Connect with those involved in the care and enjoyment of horses.
Website: The Equestrian
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STABLE GUARD: A mobile device equine monitoring and alert system.
Website: Stable Guard
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JUMPFAX: The best connection between riders and shows.
Website: Jumpfax
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EQUIVONT: Helps equestrian businesses jump into the digital community and succeed at competing in the age of online shopping and e-commerce. Discover.Shop.Ride.
Website: Equivont
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HORSENSE.SHOP: Grow your business with the first global equestrian
e-commerce platform. Your passion. Your style.
Website: Horsense.Shop
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HUUFE: The app that rewards you for riding.
Website: Huufe
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COMPETITOR TENT: Connect Compete Collaborate
Website: Competitor Tent
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: Turn steps into strides.
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HEELSDOWN: Digitizing the Riding Lesson Program.
Website: HeelsDown
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BARNWIZ: Connecting barns with horse owners.
Website: BarnWiz
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: Is a mobile app that connects horse riders with drivers to take horse transportation to the next level.
Website: Equo
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GOHORSE: Is the largest map-based horse business directory in the US.
Website: Go Horse
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SMART BARN TECHNOLOGIES: Spend less time on chores and more time in the saddle.
Website: Smart Barn Technologies
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STALLER: Find hundreds of available stalls and barns for your horses.
Website: Staller
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The Tech Equestrian CATEGORIES: WEARABLES: Health & Training

: The leader in EMS Equine Technology.
Website: Ekinox
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FITTEST HORSE: Equine compression suits.
Website: Fittest Horse
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HOOFSTEP: Monitors the horse’s behavior using unique AI-models that detect patterns and deviations that threaten the horse’s well-being 24/7.
Website: HoofStep
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HORSEPOWER TECHNOLOGIES: Features FastTrack™ the world’s first rehabilitative orthotic for horses.
Website: Horsepower Technologies
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HYLOFIT: Know your Ride: Train smarter to improve performance and prevent injury.
Website: Hylofit
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Tech Equestrian article - Hylofit in Action: Confidence Building on a Whole New Level

SEAVER: Most Developed Connected Equipment for the Training of Horses
Website: Seaver
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STEED: One Device, Multiple Solutions
Website: Steed
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EQUISURE: The first connected alert system designed for horse riders.
Website: Equisure
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NIGHTWATCH: The world’s first smart halter™
Website: Nightwatch
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TAGALO: Mobile app designed to offer real time prevention, protection and safety for horses and riders.
Website: Tagalo
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