Hello, my name
is Juliana
and I'm a
tech equestrian.

Hello fellow tech equestrians - welcome to a new world!  I hope you'll enjoy the stories I'll be sharing and insights on what is next in the land of tech innovation, insights and inspirations!  A bit about myself - as you can see I rode when I was young and I've always been involved in the equestrian sport whether riding or writing about it!  So how did I get involved with tech? My professional life has mainly been involved with technology. I've been working in the tech industry for 15+ years in event marketing, including working for the largest technology analyst firm in the world.  

But enough about me, this blog is about you and I, as equestrians, and I hope it will help educate, excite, and encourage you to explore the possibilities of how technology is changing the equestrian world. It's been a fast ride already and I feel the more knowledgeable you become, the more barn doors open.

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