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BARNMANAGER: Building a Solution with a Foundation in Classic Horsemanship

BARNMANAGER: Building a Solution with a Foundation in Classic Horsemanship


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”
Stephen Hawking

As we open the barn doors for 2018, there are so many exciting and innovative solutions that can help make our lives more efficient and ultimately help our equines live longer and healthier lives.  To discuss how BarnManager can provide an efficient and simple solution for barn management, I caught up with Nicole Lakin, Owner and President of BarnManager about what her product delivers and planned enhancements for the year ahead.

The Concept and Mission
“First developed in 2012, last year marked the re-launch of BarnManager which delivered a whole new platform and mobile apps to the market,” said Nicole.  As they developed the initial product they kept in mind all that goes into traditional barn management from detailed record keeping, managing logistics, coordinating staff, vendors, and clients, and navigating the complexities of managing a business. “The old-fashioned methods leave room for errors and inefficiencies and without a safe, centralized place for information, managers and owners are creating more work for themselves in an already demanding line of work,” said Nicole.  “BarnManager is a cloud-based solution that enables horse owners to access the information they need to keep their horses and businesses operating smoothly anytime and from anywhere,” she added.

Subscriptions by Size
The subscription is based on the number of horses you have in your barn – BarnManager supports barns that have 3 horses up to 200.  “Most of our barns have more than 20 horses, but we believe that proper horse care and management are crucial no matter how many horses you are responsible for. That is why we try to make our services affordable regardless of size,” said Nicole.

Tagging is one of the Top Features
“The one tool that exists across all our features is tagging,” said Nicole, “Tagging enables users to create and to locate records, events, lists, etc. very quickly.” You can even take handwritten notes and upload as a picture or pdf and use keyword tagging to make them searchable.

Integrated Software will be the Next Step
“We are really excited for a few projects that we are working on. One is our Quickbooks integration. We are taking our time with it because we want to ensure that we build the best tool that will work for everyone.”  Nicole described that product integrations will be a big part of Barn Manager’s future including partnerships already in the works.  In addition, they are always open to ideas and input from their users.

As a TechEquestrian you can’t live without BarnManager
Nicole summarizes BarnManager as a solution that allows you to plan for the best and the worst while being prepared for the unpredictable.  You’ll experience a stress-free and a fully efficient way to manage your most important barn records and documents anytime, anywhere.

Where is technology adoption headed in the horse world?
“While people have been slow to adopt some technologies that are designed to make their equestrian lives easier, they have started to embrace equine focused technology more willingly since they have grown accustomed to technology in other aspects of their lives.”

“One of the core beliefs at BarnManager is that technology will never fully replace classic horsemanship. This belief informs the way that we build our technology, and the way that we market it,” said Nicole.

Keep in the Know!
BarnManager shares their event schedule in their monthly newsletter called, Inside the Barn, as well as on social media. They are currently at the Winter Equestrian Festival and planning to attend the UPHA National Convention, January 30-February 3.


Facebook: @BarnManager
Instagram: barnmanager
Twitter: @BarnManager1

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