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TTE Advisory Board: Tech Trends for 2019

TTE Advisory Board: Tech Trends for 2019

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As we begin a new year of opportunity, it’s time to check in with the newly formed The Tech Equestrian Advisory board to get a sense of what tech predictions and horse ‘events’ they are looking forward to. As part of the board responsibilities, every month they are given one or two questions to answer. We then compile their answers to give you a quick summary.

January Questions
1) What technology(ies) and/or trends do you think will gain popularity in 2019? 

2) What horse event and/or horse moment are you looking forward to the most in 2019?

Technologies & Trends that will become even more popular in 2019

A.I./Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence, or more specifically machine learning, will continued to grow in popularity. Over the next decade AI will improve productivity in new industries, such as equine, as much as computers changed office productivity.” 
- Alexa, StableGuard

“The increasing use of AI will exponentially increase the use of data. I think that in 2019 we will see the evolution of tools, technologies and best practices to integrate AI capabilities in diverse applications.” 
- Nick, Ekinox Tech

“I think that AI and machine learning will gain more popularity in 2019, and those who adopt them into their processes, services and/or products will have a major advantage.” 
- Juan, Equo

“Data is the world’s newest precious resource
! With nearly every industry leveraging and dependent upon AI/Big Data analytic platforms, I predict we will continue to see an unprecedented hyper-vigilance around data privacy regulations as data becomes the world’s most precious resource.” 

“In addition, due to the increase in data exchange/transfer, much attention will likely be given to the new 5G wireless standard that will move from hype to reality in 2019.”
– Jeffrey, NIGHTWATCH  

“2019 will be the year of privacy as companies will need to be more transparent on how they are using your data in exchange for using their platform for free.”
- Patrick, The Equestrian   

Smarter Mainstream Wearables
“I think 2019 will see an increased focus on understanding and measuring heart rate variability or “readiness to train.” Wearable technology that monitors all aspects of an athlete’s training (cardio, strength, nutrition, hydration, sleep) and the impact these inputs have on recovery will become more mainstream and more accessible to the everyday athlete and not just the elite.” - Kate, Hylofit

“With our aging-population being more tech-savvy than even before, I think you will see many more “smarter” wearables and environments (i.e., home, vehicles), especially those focused on personalized health and well-being.
– Jeffrey, NIGHTWATCH  

Mobile Capabilities & Social Networks
“I think that scan codes on mobile apps will become more prominent. To obtain information by just flashing your phone at a code is so fast and convenient. For example, a scan code on a horse's stall that could be scanned by an app to give an approved team member - trainer, manager, rider, vet, farrier, etc. - would be quick, convenient, and highly effective.”
– Kate, Stable Secretary  

Vertical social networks are maturing in some sectors (like Strava for cyclists & runners) and entering new ones. This is something we think will be significant for equestrians in 2019.” 
- Richard, Huufe

Voice, Connectivity & Personalization
Voice will become more popular. The more I use my Amazon echo and dot, the more I'm not sure how I lived without them.”
– Alison, Sales Paddock

 “This year we will see more in the way of horse-specific connectivity.” 
- Jenny, GoHorse

 “I predict we will see personalization taken to a whole new level as industry giants share and cross-pollinate insights on their customer trends, preferences, wants, and needs.”
– Jeffrey, NIGHTWATCH  

Rider and horse in equestrian jumping obstacles on Show course

Must Attend Events in 2019 & Other Horse Highlights

EquestrianBusinesswomen Summit on January 8th in West Palm Beach, FL. – both Alexa (will be a speaker) and Alison are looking forward to attending! “This inaugural event is going to be ground breaking for women in the equine industry.” – Alison, Sales Paddock

“Expanding out the StableGuard system at the Thunderbird Show Park in Langley, BC.”  – Alexa, StableGuard

Ekinox Tech is looking forward to attending the 15th Veterinary Sport Horse Congress in Amsterdam on January 25th-26th. – Nick, Ekinox Tech

Pan American Games in Lima, Perú and the European Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands, both events are qualifiers for the Olympics in Tokyo. – Juan, Equo

“I am excited to see our first home-bred horse hit the show ring this year; her nickname is Luna.” – Jeffrey, NIGHTWATCH

“I am really looking forward to the 2019 Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event. 2018 served as an unofficial launch for Hylofit and this year we are going to return with a much larger presence including having three live demonstrations in Rolex Stadium. It will be an incredible feeling to be back where it all began!” – Kate, Hylofit

“2017 and 2018 was about my son and I learning to ride. He is now competing in events here in Washington State, which for a horse Dad, is so much fun to watch. For me, I'm beginning the training for competing in Ranch Riding competitions maybe in 2019. It just looks like so much fun, but I'm still building my riding confidence.” – Patrick, The Equestrian

“I’m looking forward to the AFA's 48th Annual Convention in Tulsa, OK in March!” – Jenny, GoHorse

“I look forward to going to two events every year. The Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) to catch up w/ friends is fantastic, and seeing the highest quality hunters and jumpers is always inspiring. I also look forward to going to New England Finals in the fall. It's a show with a lot of history and impressive camaraderie for the New England horse community.” – Kate, Stable Secretary 

 “The Grand National in April!” – Richard, Huufe


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