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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

2018 was full of new horse tech products and The Tech Equestrian was right there giving you first-hand information on the features, capabilities and advantages of each. As we experience the disruption of technology in our own consumer lives, the horse world is slowly waking up to the realities and possibilities technology can provide.

For this year’s selection - we looked at the highest page views to our site from each post to compile the top ten. Some of the areas that interested you the most ranged from horse transportation to horse safety and health & performance wearables. If you haven’t had a chance to read, now is a great time to do so - a New Year is upon us! Keep connected.

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#10 BarnManager

“BarnManager is a cloud-based solution that enables horse owners to access the information they need to keep their horses and businesses operating smoothly anytime and from anywhere.”

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“As a new entry into the equine world, we take our product very seriously and we hope it can serve as an early warning, life-saving device.”

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#8 Huufe

“When we look at the future of equestrian technology, I think the Huufe app definitely has something special to offer.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 1.19.24 PM.png

#7 Tagalo

“Every rider, no matter the level, wants safety and more knowledge about their horse and Tagalo can deliver that.”

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#6 Hylofit

"The beauty of this product is that it allows heart rate to be the voice of the horse.”

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#5 The Future of Equine Tech

View responses that answer the question: ‘Where will the horse world be in the next 5 years as it relates to technology adoption?’

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#4 Cavall

“As a seller, the app will provide a whole new level of market exposure and enable you to connect with the best buyer for your horse.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 1.44.53 PM.png

#3 Equiride

“We constantly get feedback from our users that they love the convenience and the service the app offers.”

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#2 HorseLinc

“My goal was to create an app that would make life easier for the trainer, rider, and owner, and to be able to link all of the services that go with owning a horse.”

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#1 Equo

“Our platform works like Uber, everything is scheduled, tracked and paid on the app.”

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TTE Advisory Board: Tech Trends for 2019

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