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TTE Advisory Board - Tips on Doing your Horse Tech Homework

September is all about getting back to school, college or at work focusing on projects to finish the year successful, so we thought why not ask our experts their top tips/recommendations they would give an equestrian who is looking to adopt horse tech into their routine? Yes, doing your homework, signing up for free product demos or trials, reading reviews, etc. were some of the answers they provided. Learning is one of our mottos at The Tech Equestrian - a great foundation for any type of organization: #neverstoplearning.

Find out more in this month’s TTE Advisory Board post.

TTE Advisory Board: Get to Know their Favorites and Admirations

We hope you are enjoying one of my favorite months: June – a hybrid month – half spring and half summer filled with long sunny days (hopefully) and lower humidity (in the Northeast, at least) and also a perfect month to get to know The Tech Equestrian Advisory Board members. We asked them a range of questions so you cannot only respect their new products/services/apps but appreciate some of their likes and admirations. I know I can relate to many of their answers. Enjoy and happy riding!

Meet your 2019 TTE Advisory Board

The technology world is constantly changing and with change comes questions and new ways of thinking. I’m happy to announce that in 2019, you will not be alone when it comes to questions and ideas about technology and how they impact you and your horse(s). Join me on a journey with our 2019 Advisory Board members who come from a host of backgrounds, expertise and experience and who have developed exciting products/services; apps; and wearables to help advance our equines health, performance and safety along with building an exciting new community of connected equestrians.