EQUO – The Future of Horse Transport is Now

Four years ago, Daniel and Steven Bluman, international professional equestrians saw an opportunity that grew out of the struggles of transporting their equine athletes. It was a painful process, calling each of the large shipping companies to get a quote, waiting a day or so for a quote and then when you thought you were all set, they changed the schedule on you. “They wanted to change that process, because the only thing that was changing was the equipment to transport horses, nothing else,” said Juan Palacio, CFO and CMO of Equo.

Q&A: CRIO Online – Digital Horse Management Redefined

At The Tech Equestrian we know there is so much innovation and technology that is transforming the horse world and it is not just a phenomenon in the US, but worldwide. For today’s blog post, I’m happy to feature breakthrough software that was developed in Colombia. I recently had the opportunity to gain more insight on this exciting product that Matias Gamarra, CEO and Founder of CRIO Online shared with me and I bet you (like myself) weren’t too sure what CRIO stands for.  

No Stopping STALLER: From Creating Online Stall Rentals to Developing an Integrated Horse Show Experience

International equestrian and technology entrepreneur, Pablo Jimenez Godoy is onto something big. As co-creator of the Staller app, Pablo shared exciting new developments for the business in a recent interview with The Tech Equestrian that includes building a new digital platform that will transform the horse show world, as we know it. But let’s start with a little background…

PEGASEBUZZ: A World-Class Equestrian Lifestyle Blog and App

What started as a university project in digital communications studies back in January 2011 is now a full-time job and wildly-popular international equestrian lifestyle blog and app for Roxanne Legendre, founder and editor of PegaseBuzz. The focus of the blog is to provide equestrians their daily dose of equestrian culture and horse fashion. “In order to be successful I knew I had to cover both the riders' lifestyle and integrate how media is consumed on smart phones by introducing an app,” said Roxanne. 

Longines Masters of New York Pictorial

If you ever want to experience the 'best of the best' in the world of highly competitive Grand Prix show jumping, I strongly recommend attending a Longines event. As I made the hour long drive from my home (which was so nice to be close by) and not sure what to expect...

TAGALO – Protect Your Ride

“I came up with the idea for Tagalo two years ago after falling a number of times and realizing that when you are on the ground and injured that time matters,” said Co-Founder, Ann De Mot from Belgium in an interview with The Tech Equestrian at the Longines® Masters New York event last month.

The Horse World Meets A.I.

As the horse world wakes to the dawn of digital and technology advancements – the human world is seeing rapid change fueled by more powerful microchips, processors, and power, all ingredients for a healthy recipe of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Future of Equine Tech

Over the past two months The Tech Equestrian has interviewed some of the most innovative equine technology software, apps and products that are on the market or are in pre-launch mode. Check out what these cutting-edge solution providers are saying about the future of equine tech.